West Keswick offers an endless sprawl of greenspaces, with fields, parks, polished golf courses, and newly built schools. This is an inviting community lined with new single-family homes and ready access to the larger Edmonton region. Anthony Henday Drive quickly connects you to the city, making for simple workday commutes. Additionally, you’ll enjoy prime proximity to River Valley—an urban parkland ideal for picnics, biking, canoeing, and a range of outdoor sports.

When building within Kin at Schonsee, your home will contribute a unique addition to the neighbourhood’s array of boutique homes—each an individually styled, anti-cookie-cutter design that reflects the personality of the owners. Kin occupies 12 acres of the 36-acre Schonsee Wetlands and will ultimately comprise 85 single-family homes. Kin is an eclectic assortment of homes that appeal to the creatively minded, and a beautiful community situated against a peaceful backdrop of the Canadian wetlands.