custom builds

Different Types of Custom Builds

Custom builds present an exciting but demanding undertaking. Built by Luxe designs and builds homes for a full spectrum of property designations. We maintain an orderly, systematic process that begins with extensive planning and preparation.

Whatever the location of your custom build, we survey and familiarize ourselves with every inch of your building site to ensure your property will integrate ideally with its setting or neighbourhood and become a vibrant piece of a thriving Edmonton community.


Going off the grid? Learning the process of building a home on your own land? It’s a satisfying feeling to develop a large property you own and care for yourself. Naturally, specific design and construction choices come into play as you establish a well-equipped, self-contained home and environment. We’ve worked with landowners developing real estate on many types of land in many different settings. We know the materials and features that will suit the climate and location and will help your home to flourish.


An acreage home consists of a greater amount of space than a typical development layout and may involve a cluster of staggered homes, each with its own property boundary. Acreage home plans frequently require designers and builders who are fluent in considerations like wells and water supply, septic and sewage systems, and stormwater control. Built by Luxe has taken on a range of acreage builds, addressing these concerns among others. We consistently yield extremely successful results. 


Perhaps you’re looking to build in a pre-established neighbourhood and your dream home will rise out of a presently empty infill lot. These are the pockets of space that remain when developments and cities have gradually grown and expanded leaving a patchwork of unoccupied spaces. Some lots require dismantling certain structures or clearing growth or debris. The upside is: they frequently allow you to situate yourself in a desirable location in an established neighbourhood. Built by Luxe can review the possibilities, limitations, and logistics of infill building, to set you up for an exceptional home.


Building on a community lot, you’ll grow acquainted with your neighbours and the kids can arrange playdates within minutes. Built by Luxe can create a home that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding neighbourhood while maintaining the distinct and independent design we embrace. Whether in West Keswick, Kin at Schonsee, or an alternate neighbourhood, we’ll discuss all the opportunities for an exceptional build in a superb location.