Our Process

The Built by Luxe Process

Your involvement is integral. This is how Built by Luxe hones your own home building plans.


When we sit down for our initial planning session, we want to take in all your thoughts, hopes, and impulses. Everything you’ve considered, encountered, referenced or dreamt of—we want it all on the table. No editing.


Now we can piece together the possibilities. With a clearer picture of what’s in your head, we can begin to shape and explore how we can achieve those requirements and features. In the process, we’ll open the door to an abundance of further choices.


Now the practicalities come into play. We’ll look at what we can deliver and how we can meet your needs according to the specific logistics.

How does Built by Luxe differ from other builders?

As we commence your custom home designs, Built by Luxe, puts you in the driver’s seat. In our collaboration, you can think of yourself as the architect of your new home. Unlike other companies who begin with preset home templates with little room for customization, Built by Luxe begins with blackline drafts that guide you through a comprehensive visualization of your forthcoming property.

The blackline drafts will serve as a springboard for ideas and let you see how even your most abstract notions can be realised in three dimensions. As a team member walks you through the designs in-depth, you’ll understand exactly what’s possible and develop a sense of what you want to emerge. Together, you’ll prepare the blackline draft that will ultimately evolve into the blueprints for the assembly and construction that’s to come!